WHY it matters


Food is the foundation of our existence. By supporting growers, we support the communities we live in. When farmers are economically viable, it means our communities have access to a stable source of healthy, delicious food, now and in the future. We pride ourselves on our commitment to farm identity and to the traceability of every product we offer.

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining an economic infrastructure to support the small farms of our community. With a steady market for their products, farmers can build surpluses and produce more food. To support their growth, FEED Sonoma is exploring how to scale effectively, keeping yields in sync with market demand for pesticide-free produce. Our ultimate objective is to create resiliency in our regional food system.

We intimately know our farmers, their agricultural practices and their level of commitment to social equality and fair labor practices. We know their stories and personalities, and the high-quality products they bring to market. We celebrate their commitment to excellence: they are the true heroes of responsible and sustainable food systems.