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gratitude for a rainy day.... f.e.e.d. 11/21/14

we devote a constant aspect of our energy to giving thanks... giving thanks to the farmers with their feet and hands in the earth & giving thanks for the community of chefs and markets that make the choice to support their sacred endeavors... f.e.e.d. is a lot of times behind the scenes, bringing together an amazing community of folks, simply acting as messenger of extremely dynamic and important "work" being done in our midst.... we are literally all part of a movement to take ownership of ourselves, steward for our children : we are ALL creating our food system with roots in truth, NOW

now is also the time for us to introduce ourselves to a larger community, to let you know that there is a strong and beautiful group of farmers, functional creationaries, and artisanal chefs, all laying the foundation of your food system.  we are all taking the steps to create a platform that YOU can actually own.... creating a platform of financial sustainability for the current family of farms in our midst, that we can then use as the call to invigorate this food community with the next generation of farmers

we specifically want to say thank you to all of you who have stepped up and taken the plunge in recent days, offering up your support for the future of our children's food.  THANK YOU for supporting our foray into community ownership via our soon completed indiegogo campaign

"why indiegogo ?"  you know, i completely understand the question... "why should i give you more money so you can turn around and make more money?"

we invite these types of questions, because ultimately we are all part of the conversation.... my personal preferred method of communication is face to face.... as those who know me personally, let's all get together and break it down, i wanna share the truth of it all !  that is what we are creating here : a transparent devotion to a foundational element of life, food... we are offering ourselves to next generation, your children, MY children

f.e.e.d. is here to maximize the potential of all involved, creating "transactions" and exchanges wherein all benefit.... creating a platform of financial sustainability & functional efficiency, that we simply hand to the next generation, thus creating a passionate and artistic function that will always be here

thank you for supporting us, supporting the farmers, supporting the chefs, and truly, supporting yourself!

whether or not this indiegogo campaign achieves its financial goal of $12,500 towards the purchase of a refrigerated truck (a truck for the farmers and the entire food community), trust in the knowing that our community is growing, and the people in the f.e.e.d. family will continue to celebrate our micro-regional food system with hard work and a sense that there is power in our midst... a power that pulls the truth to honor the blossoming

in thanksgiving, from our home in Sebastopol

tim page :

steward & purveyor of goodness

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Check out FEED's new truck campaign!

FEED Sonoma just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a new truck. Watch the video and help us with a donation today!


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