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Thanks Three Stone Hearth for the awesome shout-out in your newsletter!

Here’s a highlight…

“As our summer harvest season kicks into full gear, we celebrate the bounty of produce and kinship within our local foodshed. Few organizations exemplify that spirit more than F.E.E.D. Sonoma, a produce distribution hub that brings fresh goods to our tables from more than 50 small farms in Sonoma County. F.E.E.D. stands for Farmers Exchange of Earthly Delights, and they consider themselves a farmer-driven, community-supported business.

This week, you can enjoy green beans in our Brunswick Stew from First Light Farm, beets and cabbage for Kvass and Kraut from New Family Farm, which uses horse-drawn implements, pastured eggs from Green Star Farm and pears in our crumble from Animalitos Farm–and that’s only about half of what we received off F.E.E.D truck this week!”