The Nectary

6760 McKinley St #130
CA 95472
(707) 829-2697

The Nectary provides plant and flower based beverages overflowing with life giving nectar for solar -powered people. The first health bar in this Planetary Biosphere to be cross-pollinated and inspired by ancient to modern modalities of healing, and consciously extracting nutrients from nature and distilling them into an abundance of nectarous offerings. The Nectary creates an exhilarating opportunity for you to restore, rebalance, regenerate, rejuvenate, replenish, revitalize your body by imbibing the elemental power of plants, herbs, flowers, cultures & microbes. Committed to impeccably responsible, ecologically sound, and ethical business practices, they support local organic farmers as much as humanly possible while demonstrating a new paradigm of healthy living.