New Family Farm


669 Ferguson Rd.
CA 95472

We chose farming partly in response to global environmental destruction, cultural ignorance, and social inequity. These problems are too big to take on directly, so putting our energies into the ground in one place is our method of addressing them. By treating the Earth with respect and producing nutritious, organic food in tandem, we have satisfied our craving for change and removed ourselves from the reliance on the industrial food system. By choosing draft horses over tractors we have ended a reliance on fossil fuels and created a deeper relationship between people, grass, work, and food. In living this way we are fulfilled and content. We farm in the Jonive valley, west of Sebastopol. This valley is relatively cold and wet, so our season is limited. Our fields typically flood in the Winter. Historically this land was seasonal hunting grounds. When Americans settled here they cultivated the valley floor and dry-farmed corn and potatoes. More recently the valley was planted to cherries, and after that intensively grazed by cattle. We arrive to farm this land after about 20 years of fallow. We focus on cool-weather storage crops, such as beets, cabbage, and potatoes. We also grow winter squash, kale, mixed salad greens, and a few crops for ourselves like dry beans, corn and chile peppers. Since our valley is flooded for nearly half the year, we have a unique opportunity for dry-farming. We either minimally irrigate or do not irrigate our potatoes, winter squash, dry beans, and tomatoes. The farm is certified organic, draft-powered, and rotationally grazed. We raise hogs in the fields to improve the soils and remove weeds. Additionally, we make and apply certain biodynamic preparations.