Laguna Farm


1764 Cooper Rd.
CA 95472


Laguna Farm is located on 30 acres adjacent to the Laguna de Santa Rosa, northern California’s largest freshwater marsh. Using sustainable farming methods that protect soil resources and water quality, we help to preserve our adjoining wetlands, as well as the larger community. Our method of growing stewards the earth as a living system and connects us with nature. Community support connects us with each other. We feel that living and practicing agriculture based on this interconnectedness can lay the foundation for physical, cultural, intellectual and spiritual growth. Laguna Farm has been providing sustainably grown pesticide free produce to the Sonoma County area for over 20 years through direct sales at farm markets, retail stores and fine restaurants. Our growing standards reflect our commitment to the environment, healthy soil, safe working conditions and quality food. Not only do we refrain from the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but we go further by practicing crop rotation, cover cropping, seed saving, composting, habitat restoration and community building. We refer to our produce as “living food”  We hope you join us and believe you will be able to taste the difference in the living food that we produce. We thank you for your interest in sustainable food production, and encourage you to support other green businesses and local efforts.