Gourmet Mushrooms


2901 Gravenstein Hwy.
North Sebastopol
CA 95472



Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. has been a pioneer grower of exotic mushrooms for great restaurants and gourmet cooks since 1977. Our special varieties of mushrooms are organically grown on natural hardwood oak shavings, a technique that produces, healthful and flavorful mushrooms year-round. Gourmet Mushrooms’ organic mushrooms fill the gap between expensive, hard-to-source wild mushrooms and plain old white button mushrooms. Starting out as a supplier to the best chefs of San Francisco, Gourmet Mushrooms now distributes nationwide and has introduced the MYCOPIA® Brand brand of retail organic mushrooms. Exotic mushrooms offer a wide variety of flavors, textures and colors by which home gourmets and restaurant chefs can expand their culinary palette. These specialty mushrooms have in common rich, savory flavors and the umami character which means that they are natural flavor enhancers. Fresh specialty mushrooms are also high in anti-oxidants and help to support a healthy immune function.