leaves with red veins

In the winter of 2010, friends Michelle Dubin and Tim Page began to develop an innovative exchange that would not only provide fresh, cleanly grown food to their neighbors but support the farmers who grow it by developing new and consistent markets for their products.  They envisioned a company that would support the health of their local community by supporting the farmers who provide this food and nourishment to us all.

They were fortunate to acquire an existing farmer-owned wholesale operation already based in  Sonoma County.  Susan Stover and Tony Sadotti were looking to transition out of running Terra Sonoma Produce, a company whose stellar reputation they had built up over the course of two decades.  The original operation had only one truck and 14 farms signed up, but this small company’s reputation for delivering the most vibrant food in our region was far reaching and unsurpassed.

FEED Sonoma was born out of the vision and hard work of our predecessors, who quietly dedicated themselves to providing the abundance of Sonoma County farmers to their customers since 1979.

About Tim Page

Growing up in the Orange County, CA of the ‘70s, Tim witnessed the disappearing farmlands firsthand. This inspired the foundational elements of f.e.e.d. : creating a food system with efficient practices and pristine raw ingredients – all while practicing the maximization of our existing resources.

We are all creating our food system and giving rise to its celebration.

Tim believes that his story is one that we all share – the path we walk today is a collection of all steps taken prior:
well-nurtured youth… death of mother of a young age… growing inter-personally as a young man in a college setting… financial industry for 12 years… introduction to present tense, indigenous, creative actions… divorce and fragility… gratitude for a deep spiritual journey towards love and family… father of two… dedication to the rise of the next generation…

At any given moment, one can choose to move forward, devoting one’s self to the stewardship of community, giving this gift to our children.

About Michelle Dubin

Michelle has spent her entire life eating food, and more than half of it learning how to grow it.  For over twenty years she has worked to understand and develop natural systems in harmony with human systems.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Policy from Boston University and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley, but these days mostly just wants to play in the dirt.   She brings her passion for land systems design and growing food to creating the economic infrastructure that will enable our region’s farmers to thrive.  She believes that true stewardship requires the ability to think and act at a variety of scales, from nurturing the health of each individual head of lettuce in a row to the farm it is cultivated on to the regional network of supportive communities that it feeds.